Construction Detail - Quadrant I

College of Communication Moody Bridge

Map detail showing construction of Moody Bridge

Construction Dates: December 11, 2016 - February 28, 2017

Project Description:
• The plaza stair at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton and Whitis has been closed with panelized chain link fencing.
• Parking spaces along the west side of Whitis have been fenced off. These spaces will be used to stage construction
material and equipment.
• One section of the plaza stair at the northwest corner of Whitis and 25th Street has been closed for demolition.
• Close the east bound bike lane and the pedestrian sidewalk on the south side of Dean Keeton from Guadalupe to
Whitis. The exit from the alley between CMA and CMB will remain open until the winter holiday break.
• The sidewalk on the south side of Dean Keeton between Guadalupe Street and Whitis Avenue will be demolished and
the new sidewalk installed.
• 200’ of water-filled barriers will be installed along the west side of Guadalupe across from the intersection of Dean
Keeton Street and Guadalupe Street.

• The easternmost northbound lane of Guadalupe Street approaching Dean Keeton Street will be closed with the use of
cones or barrels. This lane will be closed from 6:30am through 5:00pm, Monday thru Saturday.
• The concrete walk and retaining walls on the southeast corner of Dean Keeton Street and Guadalupe Street will be
demolished and the new sidewalk installed.

• The driveways for the CMA garage will be closed with fence panels and water-filled barriers.

• Demolition of the east wall of the stair at 25th Street and Whitis Avenue will begin. The sidewalk to the CMA
Auditorium will remain open.

• The center median and the northernmost east bound lane of Dean Keeton Street between Guadalupe Street and
Whitis Avenue will be closed for landscape demolition and installation. The northernmost east bound lane of Dean
Keeton Street will be reopened on Tuesday, 10 January 2017 but the center median will remain closed for the duration
of this activity.

• Various lanes of Guadalupe Street at the intersection with Dean Keeton Street will be closed for restriping of the
pedestrian crosswalk. These lane closures will occur from 6:30am through 5:00pm.

photo of bridge and legend


Engineering Education Research Center (EERC)

Map showing construction of EERC

Construction Dates: Stage 2, Fall 2014 thru Fall 2017

Project Description: The Engineering Education & Research Center will provide approximately 432,800 gross square feet (GSF) of new construction of critically needed education and research space and 36,240 GSF of renovation space within Ernest Cockrell Jr. (ECJ) School of Engineering. The EERC’s new construction footprint will replace the functionally obsolete Engineering Science Building (ENS), and temporary buildings CSA and ACA. The EERC is central to achieving the Cockrell School of Engineering’s vision to become a global center for technology innovation, engineering education, and entrepreneurship. Through modular laboratories and integration of undergraduate education, interdisciplinary graduate research, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department, the EERC will bring a new paradigm for engineering education and research to UT.

Contact: If you have questions about EERC please contact the Project Manager Scott Naylor at 512.499.4732.


Speedway Mall and East Mall Phase 1

Map detail showing Speedway Mall project 12/16/16 - 2/28/17
Map detail showing Speedway Mall project 2/28/17 - 5/17
Map detail showing Speedway Mall project May - October, 2017

Project Description:

This project is one of the most significant and comprehensive steps in progressing two of the eight opportunities outlined in UT Austin’s 2012 Campus Master Plan. The opportunities or “Big Ideas” include revitalizing the core campus and facilitating safer and more efficient mobility.

Phase 1 will provide pedestrian traffic enhancements and landscape improvements for Speedway Avenue from the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art to just north of PAT. The project scope involves minor grade changes along the former roadway, utility upgrades, lighting and power improvements, food trailer utility connections, and landscape enhancements. The completed project will become a focal point of numerous campus activities and services which will enrich the experience of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. In addition, it will promote the survivability of the endangered mature oak trees that line Speedway. Phase 1 encompasses approximately 8.8 acres and will be divided into multiple construction “stages” to minimize the overall impact construction will have on day-to-day operations at UT Austin.

The East Mall from Inner Campus Drive to San Jacinto Boulevard, including the East Mall Fountain, is not included in Phase 1 but will be designed and constructed in the future once funding is identified. For more information on this project, see

Stages 1 and 2 from just south of PCL and JES to Inner Campus Drive began construction in October 2015 and are now complete. Areas of Stages 1 and 2 were returned to the University as they became available.

Starting on December 16th, 2016 the Speedway Mall project began work north of Inner Campus Drive on the east side of the street. The contractor plans to complete this area by the start of summer, 2017. The maps below shows alternate pedestrian routes in the area currently as well as those planned for future stages. This website will be updated at key intervals throughout the project.

Contact: If you have questions about the Speedway Mall project please contact OFPC Project Manager Mark Brooks at 512.499.4638.


Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin:

Project Description:

In January 2015, Ellsworth Kelly gifted to the Blanton the design concept for his most monumental work, a 2,715-square-foot stone building with luminous colored glass windows, a totemic wood sculpture, and fourteen black-and-white stone panels in marble. Titled Austin, honoring the artist’s tradition of naming particular works for the places for which they are destined, the structure is the first and only freestanding building the artist has designed, and will be his most lasting legacy. Envisioned by Kelly as a site for joy and contemplation, Austin will become a cornerstone of the Blanton’s permanent collection and will enrich the lives of visitors from around the world.

For more information visit:

Contact: For questions about the project, contact The Blanton Museum at (512) 694-6456.