Construction Detail - Quadrant IV

Dell Medical School Construction

Dell Medical School Construction Detail

Construction Timeframe Shown: November 2016, phased through Spring 2017 as noted

Project Description: The next construction activity associated with the Dell Medical School – Phase 1 project is the restoration of roadway
pavement and installation of landscaping, and sidewalk improvements.

Contact: If you have questions about the Dell Medical School – Phase 1 Site Preparation and Infrastructure project please contact OFPC Project Manager Karel Kozuh at 512-579-5033.

Dell Medical School Infrastructure

Dell Medical School (DMS) Infrastructure Map

East Campus Parking Garage and Tennis Center

Chilling Station Seven Construction Detail

Construction Dates: March 2016 - February 2018

Parking Garage Project Description: This 2,000 car capacity parking garage will help replace many of the surface parking spaces on campus which have been displaced by new buildings, provide for more centralized parking which preserves land for densification of the adjacent Central Campus, the Dell Medical School District, and East Campus as a part of the Campus Master Plan, and will also help restore revenues for U. T. Parking and Transportation Services.

Tennis Center Project Description: This Tennis Center Replacement Facility consists of twelve outdoor tennis courts, grandstand/bleachers, and support buildings. This project will replace the existing Penick-Allison Tennis Center which was demolished to make room for the Dell Medical School.

Contact: If you have questions about the Parking Garage or the Tennis Center please contact the Senior Project Manager Michael Uyeda at 512-217-1757.